I love photographing people. I love making them comfortable, making them laugh, smile, and have fun, which in turn allows me to photograph their beauty and personality, capturing a bright smile, or a reflective moment.  My style is authentic, classic, artistic, yet natural. I can gracefully direct over a 100 people to take the ideal group photograph yet likewise, I enjoy being unobtrusive and respectful as a once in lifetime day unfolds, as I take artistic photojournalistic style imagery.

My objective is simple, to deliver gorgeous photographs, provide excellent customer service, and exceed my customers expectations.

My love for photography began many years ago. On my 16th birthday my parents gave me what I asked for, a Nikon SLR camera, and I received a trip to New York City with a friend. I still have my NYC photo album of my first photo shoot with my new “real camera”. There have been many photo shoots since then, and I’ve evolved to professional Canon digital cameras.

After high school graduation, I left my hometown of Winchester, Massachusetts, and attended the University of South Carolina, majoring in Media Arts with my emphasis in photography. I worked part time during college at a studio, photographing fraternity and sorority events, and college functions; and in the summers, I was a golf and real estate photographer in Myrtle Beach. I enjoyed being a photojournalist for the school paper, and did freelance work with local papers. I earned my Bachelor of Media Arts Degree and accepted a full time job with Bryn-Alan Studios photographing seniors, families and events. Eventually I opened my own business, In Focus Photography, specializing in weddings, portraiture, sports and commercial photography. Then another passion of mine, sports and fitness, brought a new exciting element to my career. I was an elite inline speedskater, of all things, traveling across the nation to compete in races and I was able to document world class  athletes and competitions. I combined my passions, photography and sports, coupled with writing, and was published in Self Magazine, Guinness Book of World Records, USA Today, and several fitness and lifestyle magazines. I reached the pinnacle of my skating career becoming the first woman to break the five hour barrier in The Athens to Atlanta 87 Mile Skate Marathon. The pinnacle to my photography career is ongoing and simple, and that is, the smiling faces I can create by capturing images that exceed my clients expectations. Today a few things have changed. I reside in beautiful North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and my business name is Tara Photography. I find our constantly evolving technology fascinating, and stay current on the advancements in the photography and digital world. I use top of the line professional cameras and equipment, post production software, and user friendly online galleries. I love to practice and teach yoga, and I find my many years of experience as a fitness professional have enhanced my photography skills, as I have an “eye” for how people look their best. The synergy of all of the above facets, enable me to reach my professional goal of delivering exceptional customer service and outstanding photography that is classic yet fresh and unique, and that is something to smile about!